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Le 27-déc.-06, à 19:10, Jef Allbright a écrit :

All meaning is necessarily within context.

OK, but all context could make sense only to
some universal meaning. I mean I don't know,
it is difficult.

But this can be seen in a very consistent way. The significance of an event is proportional to the scope of its effect relative to the values of the observer.
With increasing context of self-awareness, subjective values increasingly 
resemble principles of the physical universe.  Why? Because making basic 
choices against the way the universe actually works would be a losing strategy, 
becoming increasingly obvious with increasing context of awareness.

Since all events are the result of interactions following the laws of the 
physical universe, the difference between events and values decreases with 
increasing context of awareness, thus the significance, or meaningfulness of 
events also decreases.

With an ultimate, god's eye view of the universe, there would be no meaning at 
all.  Things would simply be as they are.

From the point of view of an agent undergoing long-term development within the universe, its values would increasingly converge on "what works", i.e. principles of effective interaction with the physical world, while the expression of those values would become increasingly diverse in a fractal manner, optimizing for robust ongoing growth.

The statement "I am conscious", as usually intended
to mean that one can be absolutely certain of one's
subjective experience, is not an exception, because
it's not even coherent.  It has no objective context
at all.  It mistakenly assumes the existence of an
observer somehow in the privileged position of being
able to observe itself.

Machine have many self-referential abilities. I can
develop or give references (I intend to make some
comments on such book later).

Further, there's a great deal of empirical evidence
showing that the subjective experience that people
report is full of distortions, gaps, fabrications,
and confabulations.

But this is almost a consequence of the self-referential
ability of machine, they can distort their own view, and
even themselves. I talk about universal machine
*after Godel* (and Post, Turing,..

I'm in interesting in following up on this line of thought given available time.
- Jef

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