Tom Caylor wrote:
> So the solution to the problem of evil *starts* with the theological
> solution, as I said above, the solution to the separation between us
> and who we really are meant to be.  Since we were made in the image of
> the personal God, then with the G(Logos) we can be brought into
> relationship with Him again.  This is the core to the solution of evil.
>  Now this does not automatically imply that evil is immediately solved
> down in the 5th through 8th hypostases, i.e. the concrete problem of
> evil.  But the solution to evil must first start at the level of our
> human persons.

I want to correct myself when I said "the solution to evil must first
start at the level of our human persons."  It starts with the personal
God.  I was just saying that personal redemption/healing comes before
"physical" redemption/healing.  Romans 8 actually addresses this
"matter" too in verses 18-22.


What does the Qur'an say about the matter? After all, every word in that document was written down precisely as dictated by God in the original Arabic, and it is more recent than the Old or New Testament.
Stathis Papaioannou
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