Le 11-févr.-07, à 18:50, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
> ...
>> Personally I believe that the mailing list would be formidably 
>> enhanced
>> if we could use a simple pen for simple drawing. Just a pen. I mostly
>> reason with simple images. And this is even more true about the 
>> quantum
>> topological target which can be seen as an intermediate step between
>> mind/matter and numbers.
>> Bruno
> I concur, a simple graphic can be very helpful.  Why not scan in a 
> drawing and attach it as a jpeg.  I often do that in physics 
> discussions.

Well, first Wei Dai, the list master, has explicitly ask us, sometimes 
ago, not to send attachment. Nevertheless, he has tolerated apparently 
some sending of little attachment, I have already done. But 1) those 
who have no mailer capable of understanding HTML did not get the 
message, or when they got it, it was through many clicking.  2) the 
drawing appears with the personal message of Google, making the 
text+drawing  less fluid. The idea of a pen is to be able to mix text 
and little drawing quickly in bot writing/drawing and reading.

The one who will succeed in a standard commercializing of such an 
emailer with JUST ONE  pen (NOT a pen + a brush + color etc.) will be 
rich. Thanks for crediting me with the idea, I will ask only 1%  of the 
benefice  :-)

Those drawings can be deformed with the condition that the deformation 
concerves the topology (a vague circle should remain a vague circle, 
not becoming a curved line with extremities).



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