On Feb 13, 3:28 am, Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You don't need an emailer that understands HTML to look at an attached 
> jpeg, like the one I attach to this. :-)  On the avoid-l mailing list the 
> rule is to keep attachements under 500kb.  Perhaps Wei Dai would like to 
> adopt a similar rule.  Also, I would be pleased to see pictures of you and 
> others I communicate with via this list.

I think I've asked people to place attachments on websites and link to them, 
instead of posting them directly. I and probably many others are keeping our 
own personal archives of this mailing list. 500kb attachments will quickly 
make these archives very cumbersome to maintain.

Jason's Wiki may be a good place to host these attachments. Wiki's ususally 
have an upload function. Alternatively there are plenty of free web host 
providers that can be found by doing a Google search.

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