> Believing in Divine Destiny is one of the pillars of faith, and, in
> accordance with this belief, everything in the universe is determined
> by God, the All-Mighty. While there are countless absolute evidences
> of Destiny, it may be sufficient to make some introductory remarks to
> demonstrate how important a place this pillar of faith has for the
> whole of creation.
> The Qur'an specifically explains that everything is predetermined, and
> then recorded after its coming into existence, as indicated in many
> verses like,
> Nor anything green or withered except it is all in a Manifest Book.

I guess the Koran's author hadn't heard about quantum randomness.

Anyway that's not an explanation, it's just an assertion - and why should 
anyone credit assertions written without supporting evidence by a man who 
didn't even know that the Earth orbits the Sun. 

> This Quranic statement is confirmed by the universe, 

It's not only not confirmed, it would be impossible to confirm even if it were 

Brent Meeker

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