John Mikes wrote:
> Stathis:
> You, of all people, should realize that one belief system cannot reach 
> over to
> another one. Logic - mindset is different, "facts" come in different 
> shades, "evidence" is
> adjusted to the 'system', a belief system is a whole world.
> Brent makes the same mistake: to argue from his 'scientific' (is it 
> really - in the
> conventional old sense???) mindset with statements of the faithful, but 
> it is a
> geerally committed error - while you, a learned mind-scientist should know
> better.
> I am not on top of this myself: I fall frequently into arguing from my 
> 'rational'
> worldview into the (rational for them) faith-induced mentality.
> We are the (negligible) minority. "They" have less doubts than us.
> So I thank [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (whoever he 
> or she may be) for the
> valuable intofmation about the Muslim culture and take it as that.
> We will never get a jihadic self-sacrificer to accept that his 
> expectation of the
> huris waitnig for pleasuring him 'over there' is unfounded. It is for 
> him and who
> cares (in my view) for 'happenings' of our present (human) copmplexity 
> after it
> dissolved (call it death) into disintegration?
> A year ago or so Wei Dai put an end to religious discussions on the list.
> That was in the Judeochristian domain. He was right on the button.
> Is the Judeochrismuslim argumental domain different?
> Such discussions cannot be resolved into any agreement of the 2 poles.
> Anybody arguing  - MY - point?

I guess it would be futile to discuss anything with you, since you believe each 
of us is hermetically sealed in their own belief system.  I don't agree - but 
that's my error.

Brent Meeker

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