> A year ago or so Wei Dai put an end to religious discussions on the list.

I don't remember if I did that a year ago or not, but I certainly think the 
current discussion is off-topic. This mailing list is based on the premise 
that all possible universes exist. Unless someone can think of a connection 
to this idea, can we please drop this thread?

I have also noticed that all of [EMAIL PROTECTED]'s posts are 
copy-and-pastes from online sources:


Copying other people's writings without attribution is plagiarism, which I 
certainly do not approve of.

And aside from that, if anyone wants to reference large amounts of online 
material, please post a link instead of copying the text.

P.S., I find that I am not always able to keep up with all of the 
discussions on the list. Putting my name in a post is a good way to get my 
attention, and please always feel free to email me directly with any 
administrative issues related to the list. 

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