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> Hello Everythingers,
>    I was introduced to this list by Jurgen Schmidhuber, who spoke at a
> meeting that we had here in Linz in 2005. A very interesting meeting
> with Ed Fredkin, Tom Toffoli, Karl Svozil and a few others to make it
> a very full couple of days.
>    One of the recurring ideas here is that of "mathematicalism" - an
> idea
> that I understand to be that we perceive things as physical that have
> a certain
> mathematical structure. One of the "everything" ideas that results is
> that
> only certain of the all-possible universes have the right stuff to be
> perceivable, the right mathematical structure. We are in one such
> universe,
> and there are others.
> Are there any people working on the idea of what these structures should
> be like? The questions that seem relevant include:
> What are the properties of a system such that is can be perceived
> in a way that we regard as being "physical?" Are there requirements for
> 3D ness? If we were in another universe, would we perceive it
> differently?
> Do we only perceive the world as being mathematicsl ("the
> unreasonable effectiveness
> of mathematics") because of our brain wiring? Or are our brains wired
> that way
> because the world is mathematical in that way?

Max Tegmark has several publications about the expected physical
properties needed for complex life, including why 3+1 spacetime on the
bottom of this page:



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