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> On 11 Apr, 16:01, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Matter, as we
>> see it and as we measure it relatively to our most probable
>> computational histories, just cannot be primarily material. This is
>> what the UDA is all about.
> Matter can be even if your argument is correct, since your argument
> only shows it to be a redundant assumption. However, Occam's razor is
> not a necessary truth.

You are right. UDA only shows that matter, whatever conception we can 
have about it as far as it is primary, is void of any explanation power 
given that we HAVE TO justify material appearances from the number 
relation (by comp, through uda).

You are right, but why don't you tell to the biologist that they have 
not refuted vitalism? It is correct but I am not sure it is 
interesting, indeed, by occam razor, which you do always when you 
choose and apply a theory to something.


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