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David Nyman wrote:
> On Jun 21, 8:03 pm, Mark Peaty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I always come back to the simplistic viewpoint that
>> relationships are more fundamental than numbers, but
>> relationships entail existence and difference.
> I sympathise.  In my question to Bruno, I was trying to establish
> whether the 'realism' part of 'AR' could be isomorphic with my idea of
> a 'real' modulated continuum (i.e. set of self-relationships).  But I
> suspect the answer may well be 'no', in that the 'reality' Bruno
> usually appeals to is 'true' not 'concrete'.  I await clarification.
>> Particles of matter are knots,
>> topological self entanglements of space-time which vary in their
>> properties depending on the number of self-crossings and
>> whatever other structural/topological features occur.
> Yes, knot theory seems to be getting implicated in this stuff.  Bruno
> has had something to say about this in the past.
>> If an
>> mbrane interpenetrates another, this would provide
>> differentiation and thus the beginnings of structure.
> Yes, this may be an attractive notion.  I've wondered about myself.
> 'Interpenetration' - as a species of interaction - still seems to
> imply that different 'mbranes' are still essentially the same 'stuff'
> - i.e. modulations of the 'continuum' - but with some sort of
> orthogonal (i.e. mutually inaccessible) dimensionality
> PS - Mark, what is CDES?

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