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> That's a pity. I thought it might be something comprehensible, rather
> than just plain mysterious.
> Cheers

The ida of property dualism is very simple:

It just means that the same underlying reality can manifest itself as
multiple properties.  Let me give a couple of analogies (bear in mind
that these are only analogies).  Take a glass of water 50% fill.  It
has two properties:

'Glass Half Fill'
'Glas Half Empty'

Same thing, two different properties.

Look at the picture here:

Same picture two different perspectives:

'Old Lady'
'Young Woman'


Multiple perspectives of the same reality, all perspectives equally
valid.  Neither perspective is more fundamental than the others.
Remember the rough analogies above and now move to my proposed real

'Mathematical Description'
'Physical Description'
'Teleological Description'

Multiple properties, same reality.  All of these three kinds of
descriptions are on the same level.  Nothing is 'emerging' from
anything.  All three perspectives are equally real and no one of them
is fundamental.

That's it.  Really simple.

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