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> On Aug 22, 4:41 pm, Russell Standish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> That's a pity. I thought it might be something comprehensible, rather
>> than just plain mysterious.
>> Cheers
> The ida of property dualism is very simple:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Property_dualism
> It just means that the same underlying reality can manifest itself as
> multiple properties.

Except that "property dualism" is used by  weak materialist (believing  
in primitive matter or in physicalism). Of course I pretend that the 
underlying reality needed when comp is assumed is given by numbers 
(natural numbers + their additive and multiplicative properties). 
Matter emerges from the possible comp gluing of numbers' dreams (= 
computations as seen from a first person perspective).

Just taking a look on Google on "property dualism": here I found 
quickly someone asserting that property dualism can indeed be seen as a 
form of emergentism like Russell said:


But again, I prefer not to use this expression (property dualism) 
because we are living in a world where most rational monist can 
conceive only monism as a materialism. I know it is a bit shocking, but 
I argue that comp is incompatible with even very weak form of 
materialism.  Realities (personal and first person plural) are given by 
the inside cohering video games implicit in the "block arithmetical 
3-view"). They are unavoidable from the first person pov.



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