On Aug 24, 3:46 am, Tom Caylor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > I think I will spend my limited time and energy on the decaying earth
> > doing other things.  Without even knowing much about the puzzle other
> > than reading the puzzle description, my guess is that without some
> > historic breakthrough on some unsolved problem in algebra, no matter
> > what algorithmic method (except for possibly quantum computation) is
> > used, the complexity requires more time and interest than is contained
> > in the remaining history of mankind.
> > Tom
> In fact, it likely could be that the problem is already proved (in
> algebra) to be too complex for non-quantum algorithms to solve in
> history, and that the focus of the prize is then on the development of
> quantum computation.- Hide quoted text -

According to what I read, a solution to the puzzle is likely to be
equivalent to a solution to the P=NP problem.

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