Hi Marc:

The objects I use are divisions of the list - such divisions are 
static elements of the power set.

My objects have nothing to do with programing and do not change - 
they can be the current state of a something on its path to completion.


At 12:13 AM 9/18/2007, you wrote:

>On Sep 18, 1:24 pm, Hal Ruhl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi Youness:
> >
> > Bruno has indeed recommended that I study in more detail the
> > underlying mathematics that I may be appealing to.  The response that
> > I have made may be a bit self serving but at this point in my life I
> > am having difficultly adding yet another area of skill to my resume.
>My advise:  Listen to Bruno.  Your ideas are riddled with very basic
>errors.  Example below:
>Basic Error:
> > There is no reason to create a multi-layered system distinguishing
> > between a sub list and the object it identifies.
>Yes there is.  Objects not only have identities, they also have states
>and behaviours.  This is object-oriented-programming 101.  A set of
>properties only defines an identity condition.

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