I do see one mistake I made.

>A "Nothing" is incomplete since it can not resolve any question but
>there is one it must resolve - that of its own duration.  So it is
>unstable - it eventually "decays" [Big Bang] into a something that
>follows a path to completion by becoming an ever increasing sub
>division of its list - that is,

it evolves by becoming one object after another - a progression of 
objects - an evolving universe.

I said the post was surely informal.  To clarify a few issues: by 
"question" I mean "meaningful question" and by "path to completion" I 
mean the incorporation of one or another resolution of a meaningful 
question the current system has insufficient content to otherwise 
resolve.  So the process is "mathematical" but not mathematical 
system specific.  By "duration" re the Nothing I do not intend a time 
factor but something more like a resource.

Hal Ruhl

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