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On 14 Nov 2008, at 07:02, Brent Meeker wrote:

> I think there is a misunderstanding of the MWI.  Although the  
> details haven't
> been worked out (and maybe they won't be, c.f. Dowker and Kent) it  
> is generally
> thought that you, as a big hot macroscopic body, do not split into  
> significantly
> different Korys because your interaction with the environment keeps  
> the Kory
> part of the wave function continuously decohered.  So in a Feynman  
> path-integral
> picture, you are a very tight bundle of paths centered around the  
> classical
> path.  Only if some microscopic split gets amplified and affects you  
> do you "split".

You cannot use decoherence to introduce a collapse of the wave  
function. The MW is just the SWE.
If Kory looks at a spin of particle in the superposition state (up +  
down), the swe gives
Kory seeing up + Kory seeing down. Decoherence explains only why none  
Korys can be aware of their superposition.
The many-world is just literal QM without collapse, that is, it is the  
The tightness of the Feynman bundle explains the normality (shortness)  
of the most probable paths. It explains why in most universe quantum  
white rabbit are rare.
I will not insist because it is out of the MGA topic on which, as I  
said to Tholerus, I will (try to) concentrate
May be you could search more detalied
explanations on this that I have already given, and others have given,  
on the FOR-list.

> I doubt that it will ever be possible to build a teleporter.  
> Lawrence Krauss
> wrote about the problem in "The Physics of Star Trek".  I'm not sure  
> what it
> would mean for Bruno's argument if a teleporter were shown to be  
> strictly
> impossible; after all it's just a thought experiment.

You are right. reasoning with thought experiments asks for  
possibilities in principle, not for possibilities in practice. This is  
important to understand for the MGA  (as it is for UDA).




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