On 19 Nov 2008, at 16:06, Telmo Menezes wrote:

> Bruno,
>> If no one objects, I will present MGA 2 (soon).
> I also agree completely and am curious to see where this is going.
> Please continue!

Thanks Telmo, thanks also to Gordon.

I will try to send MGA 2 asap. But this asks me some time. Meanwhile I  
suggest a little exercise, which, by the way, finishes the proof of  
"MECH + MAT implies false", for those who thinks that there is no  
(conceivable) zombies. (they think that "exists zombie" *is* false).

Exercise (mat+mec implies zombie exists or are conceivable):

Could you alter the so-lucky cosmic explosion beam a little bit so  
that Alice still succeed her math exam, but is, reasonably enough, a  
zombie  during the exam. With zombie taken in the traditional sense of  
Kory and Dennett.
Of course you have to keep well *both*  MECH *and* MAT.



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