On 20 Nov 2008, at 00:19, Telmo Menezes wrote:

>> Could you alter the so-lucky cosmic explosion beam a little bit so
>> that Alice still succeed her math exam, but is, reasonably enough, a
>> zombie  during the exam. With zombie taken in the traditional sense  
>> of
>> Kory and Dennett.
>> Of course you have to keep well *both*  MECH *and* MAT.
> I think I can...
> Instead of correcting the brain, the cosmic beams trigger output
> neurons in a sequence that makes Alice write the right answers. That
> is to say, the information content of the beams is no longer a
> representation of an area of Alice's brain, but a representation of
> the answers to the exam. An outside observer cannot distinguish one
> case from the other. In the first she is Alice, in the second she is a
> zombie.


I guess you see that such a zombie is an accidental zombie. We will  
have to come back later on this "accidental" part.



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