Thanks fo your clarification Anna. We will have the opportunity to  
come back on some nuances later. I basically agree with your solution,  
but I would have to explain the entire MGA + a part of its  
arithmetical translation to be completely accurate commenting your, a  
bit to prematurely technical, solution. Hope you will not mind,


On 20 Nov 2008, at 00:21, A. Wolf wrote:

>>> No.  The tape isn't a standard Turing tape because it's
>>> infinitely long.  :)
>> ?
> You're presuming the Universe contains finite data.  Most cosmological
> evidence suggests that the Universe is flat and unbounded, which  
> implies it
> would be infinite in size.  If space is not quantized (which would be
> difficult to handle mathematically, anyway), then there's an  
> infinite amount
> of information even in a finite universe.
>> He could dovetail. (The standard way to emulate parallelism in a
>> linear way).
> Of course.  But this still only works on finite data.
> I think you're confusing "can emulate with a Turing machine" with "is
> computable".  Everything that is computable /in finite time and  
> space/ can
> be emulated on a Turing machine (if the Church-Turing thesis is  
> true).  But
> infinite data sets cannot be handled directly on a Turing machine.   
> There's
> no model for handling infinite data, that I know of anyway.
> Anna
> >

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