On 28/11/2008, at 3:12 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> I have just finished the explanation of an argument
> (the movie graph argument, MGA) showing that Mechanism (the idea that
> I am machine) is incompatible with Materialism, the idea that there is
> some primitive stuffy universe from which consciousness would have
> emerged. This was an explanation of a last step in a longer proof, the
> Universal Dovetailer Argument, which shows that if we assume
> mechanism, eventually Physics is a branch of Machine's psychology, or
> better perhaps, machine's "theology", or less provocatively: machine's
> computer science

Dear Bruno

for years now I have been trying to grasp this idea. I am an intuitive  
- a composer, an aesthete. The only thing that makes sense to my  
intuition is the beautiful. I believe that there is religious  
knowledge, scientific knowledge, mathematical knowledge AND artistgic  
(ie aesthetical knowledge.) You MUST try to make this idea accesible  
to somebody like me. I believe you can do it. I have enormous faith in  
your powers of expositiion. I believe I am very close to understanding  
it - grokking it - feeling it dans mes couilles si tu me pige mon pote

I think this idea is so momentous that I actually wish to compose a  
piece of music - possibly a symphony - which seeks to represent this  
idea in music.

Et pourquoi pas? Most of the great composers attempted to represent  
the TRANSCENDENTAL in music. I believe you, more than any human whose  
mind I have frotté (grazed? Rubbed against?) has a representation of  
ultimate things. The mind of the MUSICAL CREATIVE LOGICIAN desires to  
know this. Pense Bach - Beethoven, even Boulez (who will never be  
popular.) But they had to have a leading idea - une idee fixe, sit tu  
veux - qui les amenait a une representation interieure des choses dite  
fondementale, voire primitives ....

How is it - dans les termes comprehensibles a un gamin comme moi -  
that because I am a machine, SANS des MATHEMATIQUES, there is no  
substratum of primitive physical materiality?

If you can explain this dans des termes simples pour une fois je te  
serais infiniment reconnaisant



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