Dear Bruno,

Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> To call it deterministic is IMO OK, but not free will at all. Self  
>> or not self: it is a consequence.
> Then we should make all criminals free, because they all just obeys  
> Schroedinger equation. (Free)-will exists because we cannot known all  

No of course not. We have to talk at different levels.

When we talk about metaphysics, we see that there is no such thing as 
free will.

When we talk about human society, punishment (prison; better: 
institution for therapy -> bring back into society, no retribution) is 
_social signalling_ -> bad behaviour is not wanted, not tolerated, 
society will react (if it wouldn't one would change "deterministic 
facts" for future generations).

To translate it back into the metaphysical view: in Platonia, structures 
where order is enforced so that more OMs can live "happy" lives have 
higher measure.

(Ok I am very optimistic now but I am in the mood; share the dream for a 
moment *grin*)


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