On 16 Jan 2009, at 14:10, Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> 2009/1/16 Brent Meeker <meeke...@dslextreme.com>:
>> But both the electronic and the mechanical computer are  
>> implementing a process
>> that is distributed in spacetime and has causal connections.
> Yes, and my claim is that the causal connections are important only
> because they give rise to the sequence of states.

I agree with you. Now, with the computational supervenience thesis: "  
a causal connection" is the same as a "universal machine".
 From third person point of view, one causal connection (one UM) is  
enough (and I take the numbers+addition+multiplication) for the ease.
 From a first person point of view the physics emerge from all  
possible "causal connection" below my substitution level. Comp  
predicts that if I observe myself below the substitution level, I will  
find a sheaf of "local connections".

> If the same state
> changes occurred accidentally, I don't see where there is room for the
> resulting consciousness to be any different. For if the consciousness
> were to be different it would be able to send different signals to the
> vocal cords or loudspeaker reporting that difference, but this is
> impossible if the output states are the same as they would have been
> had they been causally linked.

I can be OK, but there is place for ambiguity. We will have to come  
back about the movie-graph, to make this clear.

>>>> In terms of Bruno's teleporter, one might say yes accepting that  
>>>> there would be
>>>> a one-time gap in consciousness (ever had a concussion?), but one  
>>>> would probably
>>>> hesitate if the there was to be a gap every 10ms.
>>> Assuming the gap did not result in accumulation of errors, a  
>>> technical
>>> problem, and assuming the environment is held constant to eliminate
>>> 100Hz flicker, I don't see how teleportation every 10ms could alter
>>> consciousness.
>> I could if you lost 10ms of consciousness everytime you were  
>> teleported.
> How can you be sure that your consciousness was not suspended for the
> past minute, assuming that care was taken to leave the environment
> unchanged during this period?




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