Hi Bruno,

>> Goldblatt, Mathematics of Modality
> Note that it is advanced stuff for people familiarized with  
> mathematical logic (it presupposes Mendelson's book, or Boolos &  
> Jeffrey).
> Two papers in that book are "part" of AUDA: the UDA explain to the  
> universal machine, and her opinion on the matter.

I would like to add a "guide to AUDA" section on the resources page.
Maybe you could specify the core references necessary for understanding 
the AUDA (if you like and have the time)?

Here a first suggestion of what I am thinking of:

Boolos Et Al. Computability and Logic. 2002. 4th Edition

Chellas. Modal Logic. 1980.

Goldblatt,  Semantic Analysis of Orthologic and
Arithmetical Necessity, Provability and Intuitionistic Logic
to be found in Goldblatt, Mathematics of Modality. 1993.

What do you think?

Best Wishes,

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