> Personal identity and memory could be a useful fiction for living. Here 
> I was alluding to possible deeper sense of the self, which makes me 
> conceive that indeed there is only one person playing a trick to itself. 
> Like if our bodies where just disconnected windows giving to that unique 
> person the ability to have a sort of stereoscopic view on reality.

I think I agree with this view. At least, in mystic mode ;-)

> Memories, like body and brain are things we possess, and this means, I 
> think, that we can still survive without them.
> Suppose that I die tomorrow, and that sometimes after someone find a 
> backup of "me" at the age of five, so that "I" am reconstituted from 
> that backup. Would you say I am dead, or would you say that I have 
> survived, only with a severe sort of amnesy ?

We should be careful here: the "mystic I" survives, but I don't think 
that that is what most people have in mind when they talk of personal 
identity/survival. Here, the concern is clearly continuity of memory.

In normal discourse, the 5 year old Bruno is clearly not an amnesic 
survivor; the older Bruno (with his unique experiences) would be dead.

Best Wishes,

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