On 26 Feb 2009, at 18:41, Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> There is no identity without memories... makes no sense to me.

I take it as a superficial part of identity, with respect to  
surviving. Personal identity, I think is more and less than personal  
By loosing memory "I" would be wounded, not dead.

> If "I" with my memories happen to have no next moment with my  
> memories... I will be dead, and no cul-de-sac is false... a next  
> moment where none of your memories is left is no more a next moment.

No memories at all? In that case some month ago I would have agreed  
with you, but I have lost any certainties here.

> You know it was you because you did wake up as you...

How could I know that?

> you didn't know inside the dream...

This is Maury's conception of dream. I doubt it a lot, and consider it  
refuted by the work of Laberge and Dement (and Hearne) on lucid  

> note that I'm not even sure we have of sense of self while dreaming,

OK, here I disagree rather strongly.

> I accept we have it during a recollection of the dream.

Personal identity is indeed related to recollection of some memory,  
even in awaked state. Yet I do distinguish dying and forgetting.

> Memories, like body and brain are things we possess, and this means,  
> I think, that we can still survive without them.
> I think not.
> Suppose that I die tomorrow, and that sometimes after someone find a  
> backup of "me" at the age of five, so that "I" am reconstituted from  
> that backup. Would you say I am dead, or would you say that I have  
> survived, only with a severe sort of amnesy ?
> You will be dead.

Gosh!  And what if the backup has been done last year, or one minute  
ago? I will be dead too? Less dead?

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