Stathis, Bruno,

>> It leads to a very complex question: should we allow people to torture
>> their doppelganger, for example as a ritual or sexual practice? Of
>> course not without their consent, given that the golden ethical rule
>> with comp is "don't do to the other what the other does not want you
>> to do on him/her (except to save your soul)". 

You have already answered your question in the first two sentences with 
the last two sentences.

>But could someone makes
>> the decision before the duplication? This is an advanced question
>> which will make sense when we will all be virtual (with respect of the
>> physical layer). Comp is consistent with a variety of answers.

In law it is usual that with personal rights, consent can be withdrawn
anytime. Why should it be different with duplicates? So, if a duplicate
withdraws consent, every prior consent is nullified.

>> Less provocative, a similar question is: do I have the right to
>> reconstitute an army of "Bruno" to extinguish a nuclear energy source
>> which is on fire?

Bruno_[n] can decide for himself if he goes on the mission or
not. It they decide not to (some or all of them), you have to cope with 
an army of Brunos though. Maybe they could translate your book into 
english? ;-))

> made, since I might end up being the copy. But after the copying this
> would no longer be a consideration, and I would not hesitate to hurt
> the copy or the original (depending on which one I was) no matter how
> short the time since differentiation.

That would lead to terrible consequences. You would have slaves! How
long would your willingness to hurt them last, after differentiation?
Assuming duplication technologies, these guys can stick around for very
long, so maybe after a 1000 years they are more similar to 'me in a 1000
years' than to you. Why should you have the right to hurt people like me?

In case of availability of duplication technology, there can be only one
rule, without exemption: every duplicate has the same rights as the
original (it is as the original in any sense that matters), immediately. 
You have no more rights over your duplicates as I have over mine; 
duplicates are not things to be owned, but persons.

(There is only one right where one should have priority over one's own 
code: the decision to make duplicates in the first place.)


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