2009/3/2 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be>:

> All right, I understand. The question now is: are you sure it is in
> "your" interest to be that selfish. It is not a moral question: can
> you be coherent, take the full piece of botter "dead is not big deal"
> of the midazolam argument, and keep that sort of selfishness.
> Do you prefer to live in a country 1 where "self-torture" is allowed
> but only when the decision is made before the duplication (and yes you
> could be the victim indeed), or in a country 2 where "self-torture" is
> allowed after the duplication. It seems to me that your midazolam-
> argument (I re-quote below(*)) should in fine relativize the very
> notion of selfishness.
> I think it is preferable to live in the first country: yes I could be
> the victim, but I can remember my consent. In the second type of
> country, I could even more so be the tortured one ... eventually; and
> without my consent. OK?

Living in the first country is equivalent to allowing a contract where
you agree to a gain today at the cost of suffering tomorrow, like
selling your soul to the devil.

Stathis Papaioannou

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