On 12 May 2009, at 22:42, John Mikes wrote:

> (because she believes in her love that I am into all that, -  
> understanding):
> "What do you guys hope to achieve by all this speculation?"

I think there is a difference between speculating on the truth on some  
theories, and trying just to make as clear as possible those theories  
so that we can derive some observable consequences, so that we can  
make a test to luckily be able to abandon an erroneous speculation/ 

And normally UDA shows that we cannot be consistent and still  
speculate on primary substance and on mechanism simultaneously, like  
we tend to do since a long time. And AUDA shows a way to test  
mechanism indeed.

I don't like too much the word "speculation", because it can be used  
pejoratively, and people, when attributing it to you, believes that  
you are making some new extraordinary assumption, when, personally,  I  
try to show the amazing things arrive already quickly with very simple  
common assumption believed by almost everybody (that our bodies obeys  
computable laws).

Comp is a speculation, but it is far less speculative than any non- 
comp theory, which has to postulate actual infinities in the mind.

Of course on this list we are ambitious in the spectrum of what we  
want to figure out. It is fundamental research.

But many are just modestly searching. I guess most knows that theories  
are just ways to put some light on some part of the unknown, so that  
we can continue the exploration.

What we hope? No more no less than those who have put Hubble in space.  
We hope to see big and beautiful things.


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