Quentin Anciaux skrev:
> Hi,
> 2009/5/8 Torgny Tholerus <tor...@dsv.su.se>:
>> I was an ultrafinitist before, but I have changed my mind.  Now I accept
>> that you can say that the natural numbers are unlimited.  I only deny
>> actual infinities.  The set of all natural numbers are always finite,
>> but you can always increase the set of all natural number by adding more
>> natural numbers to it.
> Then it's not the set of *all* natural numbers. You do nothing by
> adding a number... you don't create numbers by writing them down, you
> don't invent properties about them, it's absurd... especially for a
> zombie.

What do you mean by *all*?  How do you define *all*?  Can you give a 
definition that is not a circular definition?


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