Bruno Marchal wrote:
> ...
> (*) Once and for all, when I say I am a modal realist, I really mean  
> this "I have an argument showing that the comp theory imposes modal  
> realism".  I am really not defending any theory. I am just showing  
> that the comp theory leads to precise and verifiable/refutable facts.  
> I am a logician: all what I show to people is that IF you believe this  
> THEN you have to believe that. It is part of my personal religion that  
> my personal religion is personal and private (and evolvable).

I understand that.  And just so I'm not misunderstood, when I refer to 
"your theory" I don't mean to imply that it is something you believe. I 
just mean the theory that you have elucidated.  I understand that you 
could put forth several different theories and believe any of them.

"Nobody believes a theory except the guy who thought of it.  Everybody 
believes an experiment except the guy who did it."
             --- Leon Lederman

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