On 07 Dec 2009, at 14:25, Bruno Marchal wrote (to John Mikes)

>> Universal machine - BTW: machine, or God, as in (our) theology
> A number or machine which through encoding can emulated all possible  
> computable relation between numbers. Examples are given by brain,  
> the DNA genome, physical universe, programming language interpreter,  
> general purpose computer, etc.
> If we accept Church thesis, then the (mathematically existing)  
> Turing universal machine, *is* a universal machine.

Just to be clear. The universal machine is definitely not a GOD.  
Usually by God, I mean any entity capable of producing sentences in  
some non mechanically reducible way. Arithmetical truth, or the set of  
the descriptions of true arithmetical sentences is known to be  a god  
in that sense, since Gödel proved his incompleteness theorem.

Universal machine are finite entities. Yes, it is true that they are  
always dissatisfied, and always look for more memory-time and memory- 
space, they can use walls and paper to extend their memory, or  
anything available relatively to their most probable history/ 

I call them sometimes "baby gods", but this is just a mark of  
affection. They are terrible children, and they are know to make life  
always more complex and difficult. I guess it is the goal!

A computer is just a tool for solving the problems raised by another  
computer. This provides jobs.




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