On 20 Dec 2009, at 05:55, Stephen Paul King wrote:

> Dear Ronald,
>    The theory is pure unadulterated Idealism. Matter/energy are, at  
> best,
> considered as epiphenomena. My efferts to discuss alternatives have  
> lead
> nowhere...

You may try again, or refer to links to your theories. The UD  
reasoning will then entail that such materialist theories have to be  
non computationalist. Not that they are irremediably false. But this  
list seems very open to comp.
You may try to find an error in UDA. Without any (fatal) error in UDA,  
you have to accept that when we assume comp, alternatives to  
"objective idealism" are logically/epistemologically ruled out.

Note that, unlike the theory mentioned above,  comp does not make  
matter or energy (nor consciousness) epiphenomena. They are relative  
concrete phenomena which make it possible for us to interact with our  
(most probable) neighborhoods.




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