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What would make universes with honest initial conditions + causal laws
more probable than deceptive ones?  For every honest universe it would
seem possible to have an infinite number of deceptive universes that
are the equivalent of "The Matrix" - they give rise to conscious
entities who have convincing but incorrect beliefs about how their
universe really is.  These entities' beliefs are based on perceptions
that are only illusions, or simulations (naturally occurring or
intelligently designed), or hallucinations, or dreams.

It seems to me that it would be a bit of a miracle if it turned out
that we lived in a universe whose initial state and causal laws were
such that they gave rise to conscious entities whose beliefs about
their universe were true beliefs.

That is the whole problem. The revenge of Descartes Malin génie.

But the UDA shows that the honest universe, below our substitution level is a sum on all the fiction, and that sums is unique, if defined. The logic of self-reference shows at least that the measure 1 is well defined and obeys no classical, quantum-like, logic.


PS I do have some serious Mail problem yesterderday, so in absence of answer, it means that I did not get your mail. Sorry.


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