On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 03:53:31PM -0500, Rex Allen wrote:
> The only way you can get free will from this is to redefine free will.
>  And I still don't understand why your so desperate to do so.
> "Free will", like "square circle", refers to something that doesn't exist.
> "Free will" = "ability to make choices that are neither random nor caused"
> "square circle" = "an object that is both a square and a circle"

What is the point of defining a term to mean a "square circle", unless
it is to practise some sort of sophistry?

Free will, as it is used everyday, is an imprecise term. I count
myself in the camp that chooses to refine it as "the ability to do
something stupid" (or irrational, if you prefer). It seems silly to
refine it as something we agree as logically impossible, such as a
non-random uncaused action.



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