on 17.01.2011 14:00 Bruno Marchal said the following:

On 16 Jan 2011, at 22:27, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


Have you meant that the Universal Dovetailer will act for such a
situation according to Poincaré recurrence?

The UD will do that an infinity of times, given that the Poincaré
recurrence is a computable process. But the physical laws are sum on
 first person views, based on a continuum of histories, so to relate
 thermodynamic to the UD is certainly not obvious at all. The UD is
just a way to provide the minimal third person ontology (the
'everything') needed when we assume mechanism, and its role is to
build a mathematical formulation of the mind-body problem (if only to
illustrate that science has not yet choose between Plato and

Let me write down how I understand this. The 3rd person view gives us a complete Universe of numbers and the 1st person view perceives just a part of it. Is this correct?

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