Hi Brent,

    You ask the perfect question! By locally it is mean that all that can be 
defined and/or measured from a single frame of reference (as it is used in 
special relativity). This includes a notion of simultaneity that involves those 
aspects of the world that can be measured from that frame. For example, all of 
the content of experience that you have in any moment is locally attributable 
to your frame of reference in that moment. This idea is tricky because there 
are non-narratability issues that have to be managed if we extend the concept 
to talk about foliations of instances of frames. See: 



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On 1/27/2011 10:23 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: 

  On 25 Jan 2011, at 15:47, Stephen Paul King wrote:


        Mathematical structures do not “do” anything, they merely exist, if at 
all! We can use verbs to describe relations between nouns but that does not 
change the fact that nouns are nouns and not verbs. The movie graph is a neat 
trick in that is abstracts out the active process of organizing the information 
content of the individual frames and the order of their placement in the graph, 
but that some process had to be involved to perform the computation of the 
content and ordering cannot be removed, it is only pushed out of the field of 
view. This is why I argue that we cannot ignore the computational complexity 
problem that exist in any situation where we are considering a optimal 
configuration that is somehow selected from some set or ensemble.

  I don't see how this would change anything in the argument, unless you 
presuppose consciousness is not locally Turing emulable, to start with.

What does "locally" mean in this context?  I doubt that consciousness is 
strictly local in the physical sense; it requires and world to interact with.


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