On Jan 31, 2:31 am, "Stephen Paul King" <stephe...@charter.net> wrote:
> Hi 1Z,
>     I would agree with you but we are not considering an FAPP rule of thumb
> for everyday situations, we are considering ontological questions. If our
> conjectures and assumptions are contraindicated by experimental evidence,
> should that evidence not be relevant to hypostases regarding fundamental
> aspects of our Reality?

The assumption that the  mind only locally supervenes on the brain
is not contraindicated by experimental evidence. The evidence is only
that locality does not apply to everything regardless.

> Seriously! Are we just entertaining ourselves with
> "who is the smartest guy in the room" games? Bruno and Russell, IMHO, won
> that game a long time ago... I am just trying to make sense of philosophy
> questions and learning for people that are many orders of magnitude smarter
> than me. Does that mean that I am going to to challenge their claims? No!
> For to do so would be just a feeble form of idolatry.
>     I think that Maudlin (and Bruno) have made very deep derivations that
> need to be carefully considered, thus I want to be sure that it is not just
> another straw man argument. I also happen to be working on a book and thus
> want to be sure that my own hypothesis is not junk.
> Onward!
> Stephen
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> Subject: Re: A comment on Mauldin's paper Computation and Consciousness
> On Jan 25, 9:04 am, "Stephen Paul King" <stephe...@charter.net> wrote:
> > Dear Bruno and Friends,
> >     While we are considering the idea of causal efficacy here and not
> > hidden variable theories, the fact that it has been experimentally
> > verified that Nature violates the principle Locality. Therefore the
> > assumption of local efficacy that Mauldin is using for the supervenience
> > thesis is not realistic and thus presents a flaw in his argument.
> Local supervenience doesn't have to be argued from fundamental
> physics. It can be argued
> from neurology. Mental states arent affected by what goes on outside
> the head unless information is conveyed by the sense

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