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It is avoidable. Even the cops explains the total non sense of prohibition. I am optimist: prohibition will fall down soon or later. Obviously the cops are the more aware of the total non sense of prohibition, because they are at the front of the 'war on drugs':


Cannabis has made possible a very long prohibition, but it is also a sort of fatal error for the bandits.

Congressmen Barney Frank and Ron Paul have introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow states to legalize or otherwise liberalize marijuana laws without interference from the federal government.

I think Ron Paul is against the prohibition of any drug, and I listen to some of his speech showing the failure of the 'war on drugs', and that was very nice. But I am not sure of what he thinks on other political domains.

He's a libertarian, which means he's against any government social safety net (e.g. medicare, social security)

I can understand. I differ a bit. I am for universal allocation. Every human beings has the right, as far as possible to have water and home. But others have the right to be as "rich" as they want and succeed to be. But a minimum dignity and respect should exist for anyone, even the animals.

and any government regulation (e.g. food and drug administration, environmental protection agency, gun control laws)

I am OK with this.

and against any stationing of U.S. soldiers overseas.

As a relatively old European, I can only be fearful with that idea. US soldiers have protected us. This does not mean I am for them being and messing everywhere.

He deviates from strict libertarian ideas in that he thinks states should be able to restrict or ban abortions.

That's a crazy incoherence. Gosh! I don't think I would vote for someone telling to the woman how they have to act. This is macho libertarianism. I am very sad that an anti-prohibitionist on drugs want to prohibit abortion. To be sure I am personally against abortion, but like with drugs, to prohibit abortion augments the number of abortion, and diminishes the safeness of the practice, etc. It is not a man's business, nor a government's business.

Well, I can't certainly NOT vote for him, as an european 'course.

I think there are to many negatives in that sentence.

You exaggerate, there is only one negative too much :)



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