it seems to me that there are certain preconditions that need to be in
place in order for us to exist, and that furthermore and taking a step
back, those preconditions necessitate further preconditions to have
been in place in order for them to exist.

so the real question is, is there perhaps a subtler order of
preconditions that is or needed to be in place that could account for
the subtler order of phenomena we perceive in the first person etc.

On Jul 1, 12:37 am, Constantine Pseudonymous <>
> I just want to say how stupendously enthusiastic I am about this
> group.... and it needs to be reiterated.... VERY FEW PEOPLE REALLY
> THINK in this world.... you guys are actually doing that, and its
> blowing me away..... its almost a nonexistent phenomenon in terms of
> the way the world has been presented me..... not on this high high
> level that is. I am very enthusiastic about this group.

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