>Worms are probably between humans and inanimate objects in this respect.
There consciouss blurs quite >much, but less so than that of your tables.
It's probably experienced as a consistent, but very blurry life, >outside of
drug trips and the like.

This question was adressed in a dream that I had today. I was a fly (it was
really quitty). The fly had no recollection or way of feeling like living a
life. So I have to revise that statement. Because they (worms even more so
than flies) can live no lifes on their own, the feeling of living their
lifes probably appears just in dreams, drug trips, simulations. But mostly
they just blur in amnesia.

Actually it appears to me I have no way of knowing what blurs in amnesia (at
some point, everything I've done now will blur in amnesia). It's quite
possible my local environment live no lifes like I do. O.O That would
explain why most of them are so conformist.
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