On 27 Jul 2011, at 15:50, benjayk wrote:

Bruno Marchal wrote:

On 24 Jul 2011, at 22:08, benjayk wrote:

Bruno Marchal wrote:

Well, bad luck. Then you have to play this game until you get tired
of it.

If that can happen.
I hope so! Playing is great, but every particular game is boring at

Not the infinite games. In infinite games (like Conway's game of life,
or like with programming computers, or plausibly other life and big
bangs ...) there are always new participants, and unexpected
situations. It is both fun and scary. (leading to the unavoidable
conflict between security and freedom).
I think both Conway's game of life and convential computer progamming will
become boring at some point. The insights gained through them and most
importantly, their fun, are quite limited. I cannot imagine having boundless
creative blissful fun with Conway's game of life or C++, and I think
boundless creative bliss is where we want to go, and will go.

Conway's game is just too mechanical. There are much better/ efficient views on the computations that Conway's game can represent then Conway's game

OF course. In that sense you are right. But I count as "Conway's game" the games that you can represent in in*one* infinite game, like biological life is usually seen as chemistry.



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