On 24 Jul 2011, at 22:08, benjayk wrote:

Bruno Marchal wrote:

Well, bad luck. Then you have to play this game until you get tired
of it.

If that can happen.
I hope so! Playing is great, but every particular game is boring at some

Not the infinite games. In infinite games (like Conway's game of life, or like with programming computers, or plausibly other life and big bangs ...) there are always new participants, and unexpected situations. It is both fun and scary. (leading to the unavoidable conflict between security and freedom).

Ah! benjayk!  I can understand your reticence for betting on a theory.
Someone said that there is only two certainties in life: taxes and death.
Comp is the understanding that there is only one certainty: taxes.

But this does not concern you (the higher self) at all. It concerns only you (the ego). Infinite games have exit doors too, but "taxes" is the price of any of its local relative incarnations.

What we can try is a slow persistent decrease of taxes, by genuine realist investment and speculation.
Harm reduction again. We can tend to zero taxes, for some period.

What would be even more helpful for all "little ego", would be a reappraisal of the "spiritual values", but this will take the time needed for the heart to recover reason, and for the reason to recover the heart. This needs a complex mixture of security and freedom, and, on earth, is a problem with billions of unknowns. It is an infinite game by itself.

I would appreciate a bigger respect for contemplation, and meditation, and even sleep and holiday, but I am realist: we are living the prohibition era, human fears themselves still to much and many politicized or romanticize spiritual values. As long as drugs are prohibited, I can't help myself to think we are partially, but internationally governed by mafia, that is: not democratic state. And confusing democracy with that power, gives it power. I think.

To kill the little ego, and coming back, you need to give it not just love, but food and water too. Not coming back is the usual clinical death.


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