On Aug 17, 12:41 pm, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:
> On 8/17/2011 3:55 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:> On Aug 17, 2:16 am, 
> meekerdb<meeke...@verizon.net>  wrote:
> >> On 8/16/2011 10:51 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
> >>> Molecules in a live brain behave differently
> >>> than those in a dead brain. What is this force? Cumulative
> >>> entanglement. Significance. Negentropy. Sense.
> >> It already has had a name for a long time: elan vital.
> > Elan vital is an imaginary substance. Sense is an ordinary qualitative
> > principle that can be observed on every level of perception.
> principle = force ?

If it's outside of you, it looks like forces and fields
(electromagnetism). If it's inside of a person it feels like
sensorimotive experiences = awareness.


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