On Feb 26, 3:50 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>it is space-time observations which emerges from arithmetical self-

Why would they though? I can have a dream in which I observe myself
participating in a space-time world, but it is not consistent with
physics. Things appear and disappear without formally appearing or
disappearing. You can crawl under a bed and find the gardens at
Versailles. The bed may or may not be gone at this point but it is
clear from the sense of the dream that it doesn't matter. Nothing is
reliable or testable in dreams.

What makes the arithmetic computations of my dream emerge as such a
multivalent fugue of inconsistencies, but makes all real world physics
emerge in precisely the opposite way - as a reliable and unified
context? Why do all physical events have to formally occur but dream
events has no comparable formality?


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