On Mar 1, 8:12 pm, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com> wrote:

> You do assume, though, that brain function can't be replicated by a
> machine.

No, I presume that consciousness is not limited to what we consider to
be brain function. Brain function, as we understand it now, is already
a machine.

>That has no firmer basis than a claim that kidney function
> cannot be replicated by a machine. After all, brains and kidneys are
> made out of the same stuff.

The difference is that I am not my kidneys, but the same cannot be
said about my brain. It doesn't matter to me if my kidneys aren't
aware, as long as they keep me alive. The brain is a completely
different story. Keeping my body alive is of no concern to anyone
unless I am able to participate and participate directly in the life
of that body. If a replicated brain has no awareness, or if its
awareness is not 'me', then it is no better than a kidney grafted onto
a spinal cord.

>You could bite the bullet and declare
> yourself a vitalist.

I'm not though. I'm a panexperientialist. I only point out that there
is a difference between the experience of a kidney, a brain, and an
array of transistors. You can't make a jellyfish out of clocks or a
glass of water out of sand.


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