Two more reasons to suspect that consciousness is received through the
brain directly as primitive sense rather than decoded as complex

"The data from the seven participants were unambiguous. Paying
attention to the target consistently and strongly increased the fMRI
activity, regardless of whether the subject saw the target or not.
This result was expected because many previous studies had shown that
attending to a signal reinforces its representation in the cortex.
Much more intriguing, though, was that whether or not the stimulus was
consciously perceived made no difference to signal strength.
Visibility didn’t matter to V1; what did was whether or not selective
visual attention focused on the grating. Indeed, the experimentalists
could not decode from the signal whether or not the subject saw the

"We expected to see the outer bits of brain, the cerebral cortex
(often thought to be the seat of higher human consciousness), would
turn back on when consciousness was restored following anesthesia.
Surprisingly, that is not what the images showed us. In fact, the
central core structures of the more primitive brain structures
including the thalamus and parts of the limbic system appeared to
become functional first, suggesting that a foundational primitive
conscious state must be restored before higher order conscious
activity can occur"

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