On Apr 24, 2:57 pm, David Nyman <da...@davidnyman.com> wrote:

> The article in the NS, taken as a whole, suggests that her position is
> more nuanced than the slogan you quoted might suggest.

The context was a "War of the Worldviews" presentation, where she was
sort of head-to-head with Deepak Chopra, so yes, it was probably not
the most well rounded look at either of their worldviews (or the
others on the panel). She likes to be provocative anyhow. I still
don't see how calling it a mirage or illusion gets around the hard
problem at all. A mirage to whom? Why or how is it there at all? For
me the issue was never the veracity of the content of consciousness
compared to external measurements, it is that there can be any content
in the first place.


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