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> Krauss's argument may satisfy the cosmologist's desire to see the cause of 
> the universe reduced to something extremely simple, but it does not satisfy 
> the wondering child or philosopher who is thunderstruck by the strangeness of 
> there being any existence at all, however simple or rudimentary its origins. 
> It's wrong to say such a child or philosopher is caught in a pointless mind 
> loop trying asking how something that does not even have the potential to 
> produce anything can, nevertheless, produce something. Of course that is 
> absurd. The question in my mind as a wondering child was never 'How did the 
> nothing that must have come before the universe produce the universe?' It was 
> my mind chasing the chain of causation of things and realizing that, whatever 
> that chain looked like, I could never trace it all the way back to absolute 
> nothing - so why this mysterious beingness? The fact is it's beyond reason.

Yes, it is beyond reason, but it is not beyond sense. If we model the
cosmos with sense as the ground of being instead of absolute nothing,
then neither physics or mathematics are mysterious. They are lowest
common denominator experiences. The longest lasting, most general ways
to make sense.

Call it a gift or a miracle and you're as close to it as anything. God
is no answer, mind you - he's just another spurious bottom turtle.
God, laws of quantum mechanics: it's just different attempts to stop
the rot of infinite regress, hammer in a wedge somewhere and say
"Because".  Why do the law of quantum physics exist? Because. Why does
God, the UD, the Buddhist void exist? Because.

Exactly. My approach is instead of because, I would answer, because we
are human beings right now and that is part of how it seems to human
beings who live here and now.

 'why do we think that quantum physics exist?' because we have built
instruments that consistently confirm our theories that it exists.
'why do people think that God, the UD, the Buddhist void exist'?
because they are able to make sense of their experience as human
beings, mathematicians, religious disciples, etc that way. It is how
our minds feel themselves in the reflection or shadow they cast as
their life/world/universe.


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