On May 11, 11:50 am, John Clark <johnkcl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Orthogonal? There is only one way "it" could not be deterministic and not
> random, there is only one way "it" was not caused for a reason and not not
> caused for a reason, and that is if "it" is gibberish. Gibberish is not
> correct or incorrect, it's just gibberish, like free will.

On what basis do you claim this dichotomy? Think of a black and white
checkerboard. Is it black? Is it white? Is it neither black nor white?
Even to say that it is both black and white is not sufficient to
describe the checkered pattern of it. This is like free will. Somewhat
deterministic, somewhat indeterministic, but not meaningfully
describable in terms of either of those qualities or lack of qualities
- it is orthogonal to that dichotomy as spring and fall is to winter
and summer or blue and yellow is to red and green. There is no
gibberish involved, it is crystal clear.


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