On Sun, May 27, 2012  Aleksandr Lokshin <aaloks...@gmail.com> wrote:

> All main mathematical notions ( such as infinity, variable, integer
> number) implicitly
> depend on the notion of free will.

Because nobody can explain what the ASCII string "free will" means the
above statement is of no value.

> A new approach to the Alan Turing problem (how to distinguish a person
> from an android) is also proposed ; this approach is based on the idea that
> an android cannot generate the notion of an arbitrary object.

But "arbitrary" just means picking something for no reason or picking
something just because you like it but you like it for no reason; in other
words it means random. It's true that a pure Turing machine can not produce
randomness, however this limitation can be easily overcome by attaching a
very simple and cheap hardware random number generator to it. Then the
android could be as arbitrary as any arbitrary person, if you think being
arbitrary is a virtue that is.

  John K Clark

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